Investing in Innovative
Unmanned Technologies and
Precision Strike Capabilities

Strategic Atlantic Technologies Ltd “StratTech” is a London-based strategic investment platform seeking to capitalise on compelling opportunities around unmanned, autonomous systems and innovative defence technology solutions.

We are a complementary team comprised of operators and investors, drawing on decades of experience across military & government service, and the defence, financial services, & technology sectors.

Our mission is to empower smaller, agile defence companies to thrive in this transformative era of
heightened geopolitical conflict and technological innovation.

We believe the future of warfare will be shaped by the proliferation of unmanned systems and the rapid deployment of cost-effective precision strike capabilities at scale.

We aim to support our partners to deliver innovative solutions that strengthen the deterrence and resilience of Open Societies.

We welcome collaboration with allies committed to our mission.


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    “StratTech” and Strategic Atlantic Technologies are trading names of Strategic Atlantic Technologies Ltd. Strategic Atlantic Technologies Ltd is registered in England and Wales with number 15000323 and having its registered office at Hazara House, 502-504 Dudley Road, Wolverhampton, England, WV2 3AA.

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